The First Installment of the Steps to Financial Health

Here the first step from my new book, The Money Map, A Spiritual Guide to Financial Success. Let’s see what we can get started on a prosperous path this new year! The next newsletter will include the next step, (there are 7). Each step has three categories, Spiritual, Physical and Financial. Ready? Go!

Step 1: Clearing

Getting rid of what isn’t working once and for all

 We don’t have to struggle with extraordinary effort to attain wealth; it is our natural state of being, and it is by subtracting things from our lives that we uncover the abundance. Abundance is an attribute of the Universe.

We uncover what we have in our life that no longer serves you.

Spiritually – How do we eliminate things that may be jeopardizing our higher good; the ways we spend our time, attention, and energy? Here is an opportunity to assess where re-aligning or eliminating some actions, habits, and ways of thinking could have a powerful effect. Notice things that are not useful, to take inventory, to witness what is creating obstacles to your personal growth.

Recognize how your thoughts can help or hinder. Everywhere we get the message to think positively, but attempting to eliminate thoughts that are not favorable to prosperity can be frustrating.

Individual thoughts, memories, and reactions to outside events are processed through the ego, which includes the personality. Think of all the roles we play in life, which are superficial, compared to our spiritual identity.  The ego enables us to learn how the material world operates and how to survive. As we grow, we identify so intimately with our ego that we forget that we are so much more. The ego is the operating system for our perceptions, and it is our job to bring it back to just that.

Physically – Look at your environment, at work, home, even in your car, to assess what gives you energy and what saps it; what brings up memories that bring you down. Clear a path to improve life by using action, economize your time and talents; all of this makes it so much easier to move in the direction of your dream life.

Financially – With a basic analysis of what has accumulated, gather statements of all your accounts: i.e., bank, IRAs, life insurance, etc. and notice what may have been ignored, accounts that aren’t being monitored, or accounts that generate left-over bad feelings (for example, from an old relationship). As we discover why, by asking important questions, we learn where we might begin restructuring, cleaning up the financial clutter. Where are you wasting that financial energy? Baby steps in preparation to receive!

Let’s have hearts, heads, and hands open with space to receive.

(By the way, the book is full of quizzes to help you discover more to clean up.)

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