My Beliefs and Yours, Room for All

Our carts almost crashed in the health food store while we were both looking for items on the shelves. “Oh, sorry!” I smiled.

The cute, petit, grey-haired woman smiling back. “That’s Ok.”

I went on my way. Later, in the vegetable section, she began talking to me. Asking me about my blood type, telling me her issues with certain foods.  Then she told me how old she was, and how wonderful she feels, because she eats for her blood type.

She began jumping up and down to show me what good shape she is in. I mentioned a bit about what I do for my healthy eating, and I teach Ayurveda, etc., but she really wasn’t interested. I even jumped up and down too!

Eventually she pulled out a folded, worn pamphlet from her purse, “See here, this is what you should be eating. You can have this information if you want it.” She held it up in front of me.

I smiled. I told her I’d read the book about that when it came out. I like what I am doing, but thank you.

She continued her discussion for a little while. It took a few more moments to disengage nicely and move on to my shopping. I was struck by her passion. We are benefited greatly by the passion we have for our chosen path, be it for a certain way of eating, a certain way of caring for ourselves, or our personal faith. Having that passion flooding our body and soul is good for us physically, and for our overall wellbeing.

As I drove home, I chuckled to myself as I analyzed her mind/body type according to Ayurevda. I’m not saying this is a good idea, with such a short meeting, yet with my years of study, I saw a little imbalance in her strong desire to ‘sell’ me and change me to her method!

When we are excited about something we have discovered for ourselves, it is so natural to want to share it. We want others to feel the powerful, positive results we’ve experienced. But what if the other person is equally passionate about what they have found?

Several years ago, a dear friend and I were having lunch. She is very devout in her particular faith. I love her enthusiasm. When she talks about her faith it is beautiful. But this day she was attempting to convince me to change my beliefs to be more in line with hers. She spoke with such reverence I actually got tears in my eyes.

I told her, “Seeing your deep faith, your total devotion is breathtaking. I know there is a special place for you in the world to share your beliefs. You have a gift in how you tell of it.

And you know what? I feel exactly the same about my beliefs. I feel that passion about mine. They move me too.”

And we both sat peacefully in silence.