Prosperity and Wellbeing Newsletter July 2019


I do wish everyone is having a good summer. This newsletter represents a just passed anniversary of which I almost didn’t take notice. Had it not been for my search for an old article, I wouldn’t have come upon the inaugural Prosperity and Wellbeing newsletter from June, 2009!

Between this, and the upcoming year in which I will hit the milestone of living 7 decades, it has given me some cause for introspection and wonderings such as:

Did I fulfill the purpose of my newsletters these last 10 years? What do I want to accomplish going forward? Have my opinions or beliefs changed? What new things have I learned? I posted below the beginning of that first newsletter, and some thoughts it brought.

Upon examination of all that I’ve done, and what really matters to me regarding what I now offer, I will keep some things and change some things.

Adhering to Ayurvedic recommendations for wellbeing in the different life stages, we learn older age brings an increase of Vata, which can mean dryness, more sensitivity to cold, more delicate digestion, more susceptible to harm from digital screens, and easier exhaustion, etc. This is all telling me I need to spend more leisurely time in nature, pace myself, eat nourishing foods, detox regularly, and be more mindful of my roles and jobs, (for me that is sticking to one task at a time rather than my Vata tendency to spread myself across too many interests, bouncing from one project to another like a puppy with too many toys.)

In my work as a financial advisor I now am in the office according to my energy levels, usually 20 to 25 hours a week. I do love the work and my clients, and with the continued support in my office, (thank you Aaron and Dawn) I hope to keep this pace for several years.

Changes I intend to make:

1) This coming week represents the 471st weekly note I’ve sent since 2009. I’ve never missed a week, although it might have been sent a little late once or twice. Even though the stress isn’t high, it does cause a bit of panic sometimes when I have to rush to meet that deadline. Those short bits of text are best when they are spontaneous downloads from the ethers, just a divine wave lapping into my mind with its sweet content. From here on out I will send them as they are given to me, and the timing may just be more significant to you! We will see! They could come three in one week and none the next. I hope that’s OK with you.

2) I have a passion for teaching wellbeing, as you must know if you’ve received my writing for any length of time. Observing the average lifestyle in our modern day–the advertised foods, entertainment, unhealthy messages about ourselves, distractions with technology–we can easily notice what it is doing to people. We have increasing anxiety, depression, and loneliness, are overweight, stressed and tired, and these put us at more risk to developing serious medical conditions.

My intention is to spend more time offering solutions. One idea is to have a six-week program to help the participants slowly add new healthy practices into their lives that have real benefits to the way they feel, think and live. We can have a closed Facebook group so that the participants will be able to support each other and get questions answered long with these baby-steps to real change. I can ask other Ayurvedic experts to weigh-in too!

3) Lastly, many of you, I realize, found me because of a curiosity about creating abundance for yourselves. If there is enough interest, I can have an online group for another 6- or 7-week program to raise your money consciousness, basically creating financial health and wholeness. Please let me know if that is something you would like to see. I offered it a couple of years ago and there didn’t seem to be enough interest.

I really do love hearing from you. I appreciate all the comments I receive when something strikes you. All you have to do is email us at

Two Sundays in August I will be giving short talks in Florida, at the Zen Room in Cocoa Village.


Graceful Aging with Ayurveda     August 11th, 2019 11:30 AM

Meditation, What to Know              August 18th, 2019 11:30 AM


(Notice for the first one is on my website here. Info is not posted yet for the meditation class, but it will be a discussion for new and current meditators.)

It is a yoga studio so let us know if you can’t sit on the floor and I’ll bring some folding chairs; the studio does have cushions and yoga mats to sit on also. Cost will be whatever you feel like giving.

You will have an opportunity to buy my latest books as well.

That’s it!

Peace, Love and Wellbeing,


10 Years of Newsletters!


From June 2009~

This inaugural newsletter is going to old and new friends, my clients, my coaching community, and my readers. I’ve been in the financial business for 27 years, and in that time, I’ve seen first-hand that there are some people that move through life with grace. They have filled their lives with those things and people that they love, and seem to magically be able to put things in the proper perspective, by-stepping the angst that most people feel surrounding their financial future. It is as though it’s their very nature to be prosperous, and during times of economic uncertainty they remain steady, giving little importance to the continual breaking news stories.  

As one who has admired and keenly observed these people, I am telling you now that you can be one of them. In this e-zine we will look at the habits, attitudes, and beliefs that they have in common.~

I went on in that first issue discussing what makes people happy, and a description of the Map of Money Consciousness theory I developed from my research, my meditation training and experience working with people and their money.

As the seasons rolled on, my topics grew more and more related to wellbeing, a much broader view, with financial health a component. Wellbeing is now my focus–in my life, as a teacher, writer, and human being. To me, having wellbeing is to have physical health, a rich spiritual life, a close group of family and friends, and financial health.

If you have financial health it gives you more confidence in your future. It includes competence in making your financial plans, good credit, adequate income, and discipline in saving some of it. It takes maturity and wisdom. This creates a feeling of comfort and a sense of freedom.

I’ve tried to express the point that money itself is inert, having absolutely no meaning but what you give to it. It takes on the personality of the observer; from apathetic, obsessive, judgmental, positive, helpful, and powerful to evil, yet it is none of these things. It’s totally dependent on the user.

I watched my father when I was a young child become excitingly successful financially, and then loose it all, for reasons that would fill more than the space I have here. Looking back now, it was a fascinating lesson for me. I saw how his happiness wasn’t dependent on either situation. It made me incredibly curious. When I grew up I wanted to try it myself, see what I could do, finish what he had intended. So, like a game, I wanted to play. And it was really an education about people. I learned:

  • You can do a great deal of good in the world with money
  • Most money is wasted, most people and entities are careless with it
  • Many people use it like an appendage to manipulate others
  • Many people secretly think it’s bad, so they turn away from ideas and opportunities that it could bring
  • A great majority of people could attain financial health if they took time to learn about it
  • Not having enough money can be a good excuse not helping, not contributing  
  • There is a great joy in assisting, giving, gifting, and being magnanimous
  • To become financially healthy, one needs to be able to delay gratification, and our whole culture entices us to do otherwise
  • People think buying unnecessary things they see advertised will bring happiness and then, when the newness fades like last year’s fashions, they seek the next thing
  • Being fiscally mindful, careful with resources, and watching those resources grow, is fulfilling, comforting, and contributes to a state of wellbeing
  • Extreme wealth, whether with an individual or an organization, brings extreme artificial power, as in some control over resources, and people, but it isn’t true power
  • True power is only through compassion and love, and when this is paired with financial resources true solutions arise
  • The highest solutions are always from the higher consciousness of the few on the leading edge. Those who devote their lives to evolving for the masses, and whether our money system hangs around or morphs into something else, it will match the consciousness of the times

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